An Ocean Of Papers

Why I'm writing in here, who knows? Really it is time for bed but eh... Oh well.  Just got done with my Japanese homework! Go me! One down, a billion more things to finish!  All of a sudden there are a million things that I need to do for school and other various things, but I have no urge do get any of it done... At home anyway.  All I want to do is sit around and talk to Jesse while playing silly computer games.  Where has all of my energy gone? And why do I feel so unmotivated? Just another bump on a log....  Now I don't even feel like finishing this entry. How ironic.
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    Alright well I'm bored.... Sure I have some wonderful plans for the near future like going to six flags and making cookies with one of my buddies, but goodness.  At least I can be at Cats house and not be bossed around by my sister or mother. Ah... Quiet is soooo goooood...  Is it bad that I think that way? ... Naw.  Sooner or later here we will be going downstairs to play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and check on my Pokemon Ranch. YEA! Pokemon... Woo... I'm just lame.  I also want to play DDR at the movies.... OH MOVIES! I wanna see Kung Fu Panda! Ahhhh, time to bother Cat now. See ya!
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Raichu Collection!

   Its time to fill this thing with Raichu's! 

My Thinkchip Raichu from my childhood!  I remember begging my mother to get me this, and it took a good half hour or so of nagging to get it, but MAN was it worth it!


Uh oh, this is another Raichu from my past.  This little guy has been through hell and back as you can see. He's all dirty and what not, but I still love em just the same! <3  Also, this Raichu is the kind that unzips and turns into a pokeball! :3

Oh curse you ebay!  Well, not ebay, but the person who decided to put this Raichu in a lot of Burger King crap that I didn't want at all!  This Raichu was the treasure among all of the pokemon Burger King bags, party flags and paper crowns.  I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with all this stuff... But isn't this Raichu great?

Alright, I'm sorry for this folders horrible condition but my friend Tianna gave it to me, and she had been using it for about 3 or 4 years straight.  When I saw her with it this year, she knew I just wanted to toss all of the papers out of it and take it, so now at the end of the year, ITS MINE!!! MUAHAHA!

This Raichu has been in my collection for, well, I can't even remember how long, but somewhere along the line her ear went missing!  As you can see I pulled a nurse Joy attempt and bandaged up this little ones injury.
I got a new one with BOTH EARS! That doesn't mean my little hurt rai will go away. I love him just the same! I just have a slight case of OCD. :P

This particular Raichu I am very fond of.  It was my first extra special and uncommon Raichu to my collection, purchased right off of ebay from my favorite seller at Sunyshore.  Most of the time this girl is hanging from the mirror in my room where I can see her every morning before I start my day.

I bought a set of pokemon stamps in order to get just this one out of it... Normally this would make me very angry, but then I went and ended up selling all the other stamps to my friends at school for 1$ each, and I ended up making more money than what I originally had to pay for the whole set!  Ah... What a good deal that was.


Now I know this is bootlegged but I DON'T CARE! I still love this watch to death!  I mean come on, how can you deny that face? Hm? Originally this watch came with a plastic wrist band with 3D pikachu's on it, and it was horribly painted.  The strap even had the wrong katakana printed on it, so that it read "Hoketo monsuta" or something of the sort.  I'd check but shortly after buying the thing the strap broke and I tossed it out when I got a new one to replace it. 
...It broke... It still works, but the glass broke... I cried. ._. But my friend said they would get it fixed for my birthday.... In September. How I hate being in an angry rush and making things worse!

When I got my Giant Raichu UFO plush in the mail from Sunnyshore, not just one, but TWO Raichu faces peaked out of the bag at me!  Thank you so much Gin!  I owe you one!

This Raichu pin I found in China town in Chicago.  When I was buying a Togepi pencil sharpener I looked up and saw this Raichu pin and I knew that it must be mine.  Oddly enough, buying this Raichu pin was the highlight of my whole trip to Chicago.

Its a bean, no, its a Raichu, no.... Erm... Its a Raibean! Yes! And if you happen to own one, have you noticed its cute little feet prints on the bottom?  It took me a while to notice them, and when I did I was very amused.

This is possibly one of the oldest items in my collection.  When I was little, I HATED to read, so when I asked to buy a book, they jumped at the chance.

HAPPY RAICHU!  Originally this figure was only sold in the $50 Battle Dome, but I found it at Target with a Pikachu!  Yay!!!

Un oh, an EDIT!

MISPAINTED CHU! Came in a set with Pachirisu, and Pachirisu is spelled wrong on the front of the box. They spelled it Pachirusu, but it was written correctly on the back? Wack.  Anyway look at this chu.  Its paint job, yikes, but I knew my OCD would kick in so I had to get it. I mean come on, I love all Raichus!

THE PRIDE OF MY COLLECTION!  The new Giant Raichu UFO plush!  This guy is HUGE and so very happy!  Its impossible for me to look at this face and not smile... Man this Raichu makes a statement.  I'm so glad Sunnyshore had two of these up on ebay, otherwise I would have been DOOMED and very sad...


June 19, 2008

I haven't added the ones I've gotten in the mail from my last post so here we go!!

My Raichu eraser that I got back in 1999! I found it in a bag of my old toys, along with several other Raichu Tomy figures! I was so happy to find that I still had this little guy.  When I was little I never used him to erase anything because I knew I wanted to keep him. Thank goodness for my self control and good judgment as a child. <3

The bootleg Raichu thats all over ebay. I had to get one... It was taunting me!

Now THIS was pricey!  Over  $50 for this guy!  Like I had that kind of money on hand... I panicked and told my friend about it and they bought it for me! Thank goodness for kind friends who have jobs. I love you Hunter! ;D

Burger king Raichu WITH ITS TAIL! Yes, I had to have the tail.  Any time I found one it didn't have a tail, so I waited... Then one day I found someone selling burger king pokemon toys that have never been opened.  I set off and found the code for the Raichu toy that was on the bag and got a special listing on eBay just for me! Yay!

Uber rare right?  Well I believe it is considering other than this guy its the only Raichu like it I've ever seen on eBay.  Such a fun plush to squish!  Even my friends tend to pick him up in my room just to give em a hug.  Such a lovable and squeezable Raichu.

I found this in a lot on eBay and upon seeing it I knew I must have it.  I messaged the seller and got it without having to get things like pokemon Yattzee, or however you spell that game.  This is one of my favorites in my collection. Just look at how CUTE it is!

I don't know if this is really part of my collection but I'm still just as proud of it.  I got the Pokemon Ranchers Wiiware app. and unleashed a pack of Raichus on the ranch! MUAHAHA!!! I love how cute they are. ;3


July 3rd, 2008

I get back from Six Flags and what do I find? My new Raichu! Such a happy chu! ^^

This is my sad collection of cards... I use to have so many but I LOST THEM! *Cries* I've looked all over my house but they are goooone! D:


July 7th

I found this Raichu by pure luck! I asked kiraras_lemon if she happened to have any Raichu's that she was going to sell in the future, and I got a picture of this little one in response! Wooo and I happy to add this one to my collection. Clear is good.

YES! Raichu Mega Blok is now MINE! I can not thank raifreak enough for helping me out in getting this.  Its rather funny to think that out of all the wonderful Raichu things out there that I've yet to get, this was on the top of my wanted list for quite a while. I mean come on, how can you deny that cute square of chu?

Clear is INDEED good. I mean come on, just look at this Raichu! Makes me think of a crystal.  Someday I hope to own all sorts of colored Raichus like this.

Now lets see here, I'm not sure what to make of this Raichu, but I still love it quite a bit.  Its from 1998 and its legs and tail are removable.  Very cute, but very odd. Fun hu?

July 23rd 2008

Raichu friend plush! YES! Thanks again Gin for your help! This small Rai is so very round and full of joy! Made in 1998 and still in good condition. How soft it is. You just can't stop petting its ears. <3

Raichu kids, so cute and amazing. My first kids ever! There are three different kinds of Raichu kids and sadly I'm missing one, but that just means I have to look harder! Until then, these two will go around with me on the hunt! Lets get em!

Okay, I think I've gone crazy.  I bought this shirt off of ebay because it was a good price and I just wanted it! It fits but looks rather silly on me... But that doesn't mean it can't make a good pajama shirt! By the way Pidgey, Raichu is going to PWN you!


August 17, 2008

School is about to start but that won't stop me in my Raichu hunt! Lets see what updates I have today!

Raichu Jakks marble! I was on vacation and went to this really big mall, which had a KB Toys with all Pokemon items priced at HALF OFF! Well, I just felt like a little kid in a candy store! Looking around for Raichu's I didn't have, I stumbled upon a set of marbles! Lucky for me there was the set all the way in the back with a Raichu in it! WOO!

Yea... I got it. Sadly, not a bootleg. The reason why it's cut in half is for its TAIL WHIP ACTION! You twist it and it springs back. Weird isn't it? and what kind of face is that? Hm... I still love this little one though. Whenever I play with it, it's just fun to scream out, "Tail Whip ACTION!"

Yea this is a bad picture, and I'm sorry but I'll fix it later.  Anyway, this is a Raichu clip! What a helpful little thing to have at the start of a new school year! Keeps all my papers in check. ;D

Random day

   Today started off kind of slow.  Couldn't find my headphones, got into my first hour class shortly before the bell, then reviewed for finals the entire day.  When all that was over with, I met up with my gay husband Yuki and we went downtown to go to my friend Cat's graduation party.  Free pizza is wonderful, even when your not hungry at all.  My other friend named Cat was there and so was Bob, then after a while Paul and his buddy Kyle came.  Those two boys really like messing around with all the females.  Oh well, I guess thats what they do best.  Afterwards we all went to Peace Park and climbed trees.  Slowly people started to come and go, until eventually it was just me and Bob under a tree waiting to walk to Prism.  On the way, we found that cutting straight through campus is the best way to get to Prism from the park.  At Prism I taught a few people how to fold a paper crane, then I fell asleep on Yuki.  That boy makes a good pillow, and he's on of the few people who will scratch my back without me even having to ask.  Beyond that, nothing really happened today.  A normal Wednesday in the life of Devi if you ask me.
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First Entry!

    I'm not really sure what compelled me to start a live journal, but it seems like fun! I've always loved looking back at old entries in various places that I've left them.  Writing everything here will make things a lot easier to find, don't you think? Anyway, I will probably use this as a mix between a life journal and a place to show off my Raichu collection. I hope no one minds that odd mix, but hey, its my journal isn't it?! Muahaha!

    For my first entry, I suppose it would be best to go over some main points in my life right now. No worries, I'll spare the specifics this time.   Well, I'm currently 17, can't drive, still single, and summer vacation is just around the corner.  Nothing is really bothering me that much, other than the constant fighting between my mother and sister about who's taking my medication and why they have to be so mean. Its probably best to stay out of that.  For the time being I still like my friend Paul quite a bit, but he's been going on and off being a jerk lately.  I had interest in a girl named Tianna but she's already very happy with her boyfriend Josh, which I'm just fine with.  Those two fit so well together, I hope nothing ever happens to them.  Then not too long ago a boy named James gave me his number, and we've been talking every now and then.  Nice guy, really, but I'm not sure weather I'm ever going to like him as anything more than a friend.  Goodness, I wish I liked people as more than friends more often.  It feels like I'm just being mean to whoever might happen to like me, although I don't see why they would in the first place.  But for now I'm fine on my own.  This school year has been a wonderful one and has given me many new friends to spend time with over the long summer break.

    Moving on to what will probably take up most of my entries in here! THE RAICHU COLLECTION!

I started my Raichu collection around the age of 9 or so, but I've just decided to pick it up again a few months ago when I stumbled upon a wonderful website of another Raichu collector.  Their collection inspired me to hop on the ebay train and start snatching up every Raichu I could possibly get! Right now I have 17 Raichu's in my collection, and a few on the way in the mail. Come on Raichu backpack! Get here soon!  Ahem, anyway, I will be posting updated pictures of my collection here, and a picture of each individual item and some information about it.

    But its getting late, and I still have final reviews tomorrow. Bleh, which will come sooner, my Raichu backpack or summer vacation?  Lets just wait and see....

Goodnight everyone!