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28 May 2008 @ 08:54 pm
Random day  
   Today started off kind of slow.  Couldn't find my headphones, got into my first hour class shortly before the bell, then reviewed for finals the entire day.  When all that was over with, I met up with my gay husband Yuki and we went downtown to go to my friend Cat's graduation party.  Free pizza is wonderful, even when your not hungry at all.  My other friend named Cat was there and so was Bob, then after a while Paul and his buddy Kyle came.  Those two boys really like messing around with all the females.  Oh well, I guess thats what they do best.  Afterwards we all went to Peace Park and climbed trees.  Slowly people started to come and go, until eventually it was just me and Bob under a tree waiting to walk to Prism.  On the way, we found that cutting straight through campus is the best way to get to Prism from the park.  At Prism I taught a few people how to fold a paper crane, then I fell asleep on Yuki.  That boy makes a good pillow, and he's on of the few people who will scratch my back without me even having to ask.  Beyond that, nothing really happened today.  A normal Wednesday in the life of Devi if you ask me.
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Current Mood: sleepysleepy
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